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Las Vegas vacation choices

Of course the first thing that anyone thinks about at the mention of a Las Vegas vacation is gambling. There are many ways to spend your money in Vegas and gambling in the casinos is just one of them. There are slots, poker and such almost everywhere you turn but there are also many more things to do when taking a Las Vegas vacation.

Whereas once a Las Vegas vacation was aimed at adults now it is also aimed at a family Las Vegas vacation. One of the biggest hotels in Vegas, the MGM Grand has now gone child friendly and provides a family Las Vegas vacation. Many of the casinos have now cottoned onto the fact that they can attract and bring in a lot of money by taking in families. They have also expanded on this by providing family rooms where adults can take their children. Adding in family shows that those with children can attend and of course having restaurants which cater specifically for children and their parents. Even better they have jumped onto the idea that if they provide areas for children and entertain them safely then the parents are free to go into the casinos and spend, spend, spend.

However when planning a Las Vegas vacation you have to remember that teenagers might have a bit of hard time fitting in. In Vegas you cannot gamble and drink until 21, so for those around 18,19 there is not much to do as while many of the top hotels cater for children this is usually by providing entertainment for younger children.

Of course when planning your Las Vegas vacation you have to give some thought as to where you are going to stay. Las Vegas vacation packages where you book the hotel, flight and car rental can work out the cheapest way of taking your Las Vegas vacation. Some of the cheapest Las Vegas vacations can be found online with travel agents offering the cheapest holidays. You could also consider buying or renting a Las Vegas vacation home if you like Vegas as your choice of vacation.

Renting and then taking a Las Vegas vacation is one of the cheapest ways to take a vacation, if you choose to buy property in Las Vegas you can always choose to rent it out to others taking a Las Vegas vacation. There are many excellent properties to choose from and a lot of people prefer to spend their Las Vegas vacation in rental property than one of the big hotels.

Of course Vegas is also known for its shows. When taking a Las Vegas vacation there is many different types of shows to choose from depending on your likes and dislikes. If you are vacationing with the family then there are several magic and illusion shows that cater for all the family. There are also musicals and comedy, some of which cater for the older children and teenagers. Many hotels have brochures advertising and listing what is on in Vegas and you can often pick up money off vouchers to make great savings on shows during your Las Vegas vacation.

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