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Vegas vacation

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Your Las Vegas vacation needs a lot of planning out if you want to have a great time yet not overspend. To begin with you need to look into the choices of where you are going to stay. With this in mind you could consider Las Vegas vacation homes either by choosing to rent a home in Vegas or buy one with the option of letting it out to others planning a Las Vegas vacation.

If you take many vacations to Vegas or know family and friends that do, then buying property in Vegas as a vacation home can save you a great deal of money and make you some if you rent out the property. There are many families who prefer to stay in rental accommodation then being in one of the many pricey hotels in Vegas and this works in your favor as Vegas attracts millions of people each year.

More and more families are now taking a Las Vegas vacation and hotels are more accommodating to children. Many hotels in the past were aimed at adults, now they have realized that there is a lot of money to be made by taking in families and providing accommodation and entertainment for them. Some of the bigger hotels are now providing entertainment specifically a for child, which then leaves the adults to go out into the casinos on their own and gamble and drink without having to worry about keeping the children entertained themselves.

Besides the obvious of casinos, gambling and drinking, there are also many more things to do on a Las Vegas vacation. There are several organized trips that you can take part in from Vegas, one of course being a tour of the Grand Canyon, this is a great inclusion in your Las Vegas vacation. You also do not have to spend a fortune to be entertained during your Las Vegas vacation. There are numerous free shows and sights that you can go and see during your Las Vegas vacation. The Bellagio botanical gardens and conservatory has free admission.

If you want to see the huge fountain that was used in the movie Oceans 11 then this is on show at the Bellagio casino and features over 1000 fountains that shoot up in time to music being played. If you like the circus then you can choose to go to Circus Circus, there are daily shows and it will not cost you a dime.

The Silverton hotel and casino has a totally free aquarium for lovers of saltwater and freshwater fish to take in during your Las Vegas vacation. This is a great way to spend an hour or two without you having to pay out a cent. If you have children then you should not miss the pirate show at the Treasure Island Casino. This is a great show to take in during your Las Vegas vacation and is suitable for children of all ages and of course adults who like to be entertained free of charge.

There is much to do during your Las Vegas vacation and of course by including some free entertainment along with paid shows, your vacation does not have to cost and arm and leg to have fun.

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Vegas vacation